Learning Quality Marist Teacher Process

Research highlights the fact that teachers are the single most powerful influence on student achievement. With this in mind the College embarked on the the development of the Quality Marist Teacher Project in 2011. The initial aim was to define the Quality Marist Teacher, to develop a Framework for reflection, to establish a culture of goal setting and planning for professional learning, and eventually a process of review and development to:

  • Build and support a collaborative learning workplace
  • Evaluate what works well, particularly in the classroom
  • Affirm, share and celebrate our successes
  • Identify our learning goals - where and how we can improve individually and collaboratively
  • Build on what we have discovered
  • Improve the learning outcomes for students

Quality Marist Teacher

The Quality Marist Teacher (QMT) was defined by the teachers of Marist College over a year of research and extensive collaboration and flows from the Marist Charter of Leadership. It recognises that each of us is a leader and, as leaders, we are responsible for ourselves in the first place before we are responsible for leading others. That is why we believe the core component of our framework is ‘Being’ — from the ‘inner’ flows the ‘outer’. We have identified the key domains that we believe provide a framework for development and transformation not only of self but of our community. These Domains are our key defining criteria on which to build a reflective culture for teachers to develop their capacity as leaders in our learning and faith community.

The Quality Marist Teacher is an effective leader classified within five Domains:

  • Being
  • Relating
  • Learning
  • Doing
  • Transforming

Subsequently, the Australian National Standards for Teachers was ratified and forms the legislative basis for teacher registration. While there is a high level of agreement between the QMT and the National Standards, the QMT includes faith and spirituality criteria that are central to the ethos of being Marist but absent from the National Standards. These are an important part of being a teacher at Marist College and are included as QMT Criteria, which are in addition to the National Standards. Together, these form the structure of the Quality Marist Teacher. Teachers’ annual goals, professional learning and evaluation of achievement will be linked to these standards.

The QMTP Cycle

The Quality Marist Teacher Process (QMTP) evolved with input from the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership (AISTL) and the ACT Teaching Quality Institute (TQI). It is intended to support teachers in an annual cycle of professional learning in order to improve student outcomes. Goals are linked to the Australian National Standards for Teachers and the process is consistent with the critical elements in the Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework. In this way, teachers not only grow in their profession but are supported in documenting evidence required for teacher registration processes.

All teachers complete an annual QMTP cycle for teacher professional learning, reflection, and review. Reflective practice is at its foundation and each year’s goals and learning build upon the last.